JJH Talent & Recruitment Outsourcing Ltd, is a new enterprise built from the experience that JJH Fashion Recruitment Ltd has within this marketplace.

A Husband and Wife team, James and Jodie set up their recruitment business in 2009, when the economic downturn had hit its highest. 10 years later, the business is still growing and we are excited to be introducing you to JJH Talent & Recruitment Outsourcing, utilizing our experience in both Fashion and Retail Industries.

Having identified a lack of a Fashion and Retail sector specific RPO offering, this has led us to form JJH Talent & Recruitment Outsourcing. We want to bring a professional, partnership driven approach, to help clients streamline their Permanent recruitment process and save on the cost per hire.

JJH can now offer you both the Ad-Hoc recruitment service for intermittent recruitment requirements as well as our new Recruitment Outsourcing service, relieving HR & Line Managers of these time consuming tasks.

We are bringing our business model to the SME market, using our specialist recruitment experience, as SME’s are often the best companies to gain value using an outsourcing company.

Our aim is to develop a comprehensive understanding of a client's business needs and attract high calibre candidates who will enhance their business and drive business excellence.

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